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Farming Joint Ventures

Farm Business Tenancies

Blackbird Farming can offer competitive arable rents with flexible terms to reflect price volatility in the grain market. Under an FBT, Blackbird Farming will provide all management, equipment and working capital and will in return pay a rent to the landowner. The Finance Act 1995 provides 100% relief from Inheritance Tax to the owners of land let on farm business tenancies.

Collaboration Agreements

Blackbird Farming are interested in joint venture farming operations with like minded collaborators with the objective of reducing labour and machinery costs and increasing business profitability for both parties. Various models for labour and machinery sharing can be considered.

Tax Implications

Apart from relief from Inheritance Tax on land let under FBT’s, it is of course vital to ensure that landowners under joint venture structures are able to maintain the relief which is available to those operating bona fide farm businesses. We will ensure that we operate with that principal objective in mind and this will be a key point on any initial discussion agenda.

Operation Outsourcing

Blackbird Farming can provide cost effective specific services such as heavy cultivation, drilling or combining. Instead of your business investing in machinery that will not be used efficiently, Blackbird Farming can provide the service required using its large and efficient fleet of machinery.

Contract Farming

Blackbird Farming operate an efficient and highly productive fleet of machinery and this is available for use within a contract agreement. If required, additional bookkeeping and administration of the agreement can be provided. We will supply the labour, fuel, machinery and carry out all arable operations on the farm. You provide the seed, fertiliser, sprays and some specific overheads, and will operate the business bank account.

Both parties will receive a first charge for their contributions. Any surplus remaining from the sale of crops and from subsidies after accounting for all inputs will be divided between the parties at an agreed rate. At the start of the agreement budgets and financial targets will be set.

Blackbird Farming use all reasonable endeavours to achieve these.

We strive to offer ‘best in class’ joint ventures driven by an unswerving commitment to efficiency and discretion.If you are interested in exploring any if the agreements shown, please contact the Office:

(01793 423981) or
Mark Bowsher-Gibbs (07785 970355)

Joint Ventures