Blackbird Farming


Our cherries are grown using traditional methods supported with modern day know how, producing great tasting fruit for you to enjoy.

Our harvest begins in late June when our first cherries ripen. They are simply delicious and truly mark the beginning of summer.

Varieties of sweet cherries we grow for you to enjoy:

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Handpicked, washed and cooled within 90 minutes to capture the fruit at its finest unspoilt quality. We supply our fruit to supermarkets, key wholesale markets and local farm shops.

Our cherry harvest starts in July. From January each year we take applications from those who like to help bring in the harvest.  Many pickers return year after year because our experienced and skilled workers know they can earn excellent money on piece rate.

To find out more and apply on line go to our ‘work for us’ page.


Just bought some of your Korvic cherries. They were so delicious I thought I would look you up to say thanks!