Blackbird Farming


We grow a wide range of combinable crops including wheat, barley, oilseed rape, peas, beans and soya.

We are very much science-based in our approach adopting innovation and new technology whilst retaining the best traditional methods.

We manage our farm through an Integrated Farm Management approach. “Our aim is to increase productivity whilst protecting valuable resources through the appropriate and efficient use of inputs”. We work to improve our soil biology, create sustainable rotations and enrich biodiversity.

We have adopted Direct Seeding and Controlled Traffic Farming. Direct Seeding refers to a farming system that plants directly into undisturbed soil in one field operation, or two separate operations of fertilising and planting. This minimising the number of passes over the fields (Controlled Traffic Farming), so reducing our carbon footprint whilst at the same time improving our soils health.

We have planted wildlife corridors in the middle of our larger fields to help boost populations of beneficial species of flora and fauna. These corridors are known as Beetle Banks and provide an over-wintering habitat for spiders and insects which then move into the crop in Spring and help with pest control. Many small mammals and ground nesting birds, the skylark and grey partridge also use this habitat. They prefer to nest in open farmland away from the hedgerows to avoid predators.


Having access to a 24-hour on-line reporting system, was brilliant when our boiler stopped working, I was able to report it on the train on way to work, thank you