Blackbird Farming

Apples & Pears

A traditional handpicked Autumn harvest ensures that our top fruit is picked and stored before they are bitten by the winter frost.

Our top fruit, apples and pears are then held in controlled atmosphere cold stores to keep them in the best possible condition and at their finest quality.

Royal Gala Apples

Are said to have a sweet, aromatic, almost honeyed flavour with a rosy-red skin and white flesh. They have become a firm favourite with consumers. Most commonly eaten raw Royal Gala can be cooked  to make a delicious apple sauce.

The Gala apple was discovered in New Zealand in the 1930’s. The cultivar “Royal Gala” was named in honour of Queen Elizabeth II who declared it her favourite apple on tasting.

Did you know?

Apples and pears are classed as Top Fruit as the fruit is grown on trees rather than on bushes. Most Top Fruit, but not all, has seeds in its core.

Apple and pears are both “pomaceous” fruit as they bear similar characteristics.

Conference Pears

The ‘Conference’ pear got its name from the Pear Conference of 1888 where this new variety was exhibited as a dessert pear by the chairman of the conference. It won first prize and became known as the ‘Conference’ pear.

We are proud to be one of the largest producers of Conference pear in the country.    The majority of our pears are sent into AC Goatham & Son for packaging and onward sales to supermarkets.


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