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About Us

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About us

Our original Blackbird Brand logo was used up until 15 years ago, in 2013 we decided it was time to bring our much-loved blackbird up to date. Today we are known as Blackbird Farming.

We are a private family farming business, first registered as G H Dean Ltd in 1920, that today farms approximately 1746 ha of cereals, with nearly 145 ha of apple, pear and cherry orchards. We also keep some 1,500-breeding sheep on 570 ha of grass, much of which is of environmental importance in the Swale Estuary, a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Our fruit is marketed by ABB Marketing Ltd our producer organisation. We supply major supermarkets locally, nationally and now internationally. We also have a strong presence in the wholesale market, where our fruit is sold branded as Blackbird Farming. It is important to us that we continue to support the local community and are members of Produced in Kent – look out for our branded ‘Blackbird Cherries’ in local farm shops.

We are proud of our LONG-HELD values, a family company ethos

  • Striving for the highest quality of animal husbandry and farming practices
  • Science-based innovation
  • Effective and efficient management with an emphasis on consultation and communication.
  • The encouragement and training of all staff to achieve their full potential
  • Provision of safe and rewarding working conditions



LEAF is the leading organisation in promoting sustainable food and farming. By inviting us to become a Demonstration Farm, LEAF acknowledges our commitment to producing the best quality produce we possibly can. We endeavour to run our farm efficiently, safely and with high standards of environmental and social responsibility.

Conservation and Innovation

Our fruit is grown in a traditional fashion outdoors, and we are committed to farm in an environmentally benign manner that allows wildlife to flourish.

We maximize the potential of our own crops through the creation of pollinator habitats; beetle banks, bee hotels, wildflower strips and ensure that wildlife havens are encouraged around the farm.

Soil, sap and leaf samples are analysed for deficiencies. Nutrients that are required are applied through irrigation tape, so leaching is minimized.

Our irrigation is scheduled, based on the results from soil moisture probes. In this way we can strive to be as water efficient as possible.

A cutting edge ‘rain shower’ hydro cooler takes the summer heat out of our cherries, so they reach you in the best possible condition.

Apples and Pears after picking are held in atmospherically controlled stores, that are more economical to run and greener for the environment, using the state-of -the art technology.


We miss you, we had a great time working for you. Good friends, great colleagues and lovely work