Blackbird Farming

Farming Since 1920

We run our farm and business efficiently, safely and profitably and to high standards of environmental and social responsibility.

what we do

Blackbird Farming (the trading name of G H Dean and Company Ltd) is an arable, sheep and fruit farm sitting just outside Sittingbourne in Kent. We are a private family farming business, today the company farms 1891 hectares including arable, grassland for sheep, apples, pears and cherries.


Cherries are our passion and we endeavour to produce the best possible fruit with our emphasis on flavour. The varieties we grow are carefully selected to offer the best in taste and perform well, growing outdoors. We pride ourselves on the quality of the fruit we produce, our cherries are jam-packed full of flavour.


After our team has worked hard all year to produce a delicious high-quality crop, our apples and pears are hand-picked at optimum maturity when their flavour is at its best. Although science plays an important part, one of the main factors responsible for our great tasting fruit is our British climate, we like to think it adds the crunch.


Just bought some of your Korvic cherries. They were so delicious I thought I would look you up to say thanks!


As a family farming business, we have a moral obligation care for our land, to protect it for future generations, as previous generations have tended it before; striving for the highest quality of animal husbandry and farming practices.

We aim to maintain the farm’s viability using new technology to produce premium crops, alongside caring and enhancing the environment. Our arable and sheep enterprises are fully integrated. With the sheep playing an important part in the arable rotation; returning valuable organic matter back to the soil.